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Artistry.Time Defiance.Powerful anti-aging skin care systems!

Time Defiance systems

Only Time Defiance offers two skin care system with patent-pending age-reversal technology for younger-acting and 41% younger-looking skin. The system’s unique and powerful technology helps reprogram skin’s cellular communication, delivering astonishing results, including a significant improvement in: -Visible fine lines and wrinkles; -Firmness; -Smoothness; -Luminosity;

Clensing Treatment gently cleanses and calms skin. Conditioning Toner pampers, hydrates, and prepares the skin to receive the maximum anti-aging benefits from the products that follow. And using patent-pending technology, the Time Defiance Day Protect and Night Recovery Cremes and Lotions offer the most powerful age defense available from the Artistry brand to help increase collagen and elastin, while instantly increasing skin hydration by 181%. The result- 41% younger-looking skin!

Time Defiance Cleansing Treatment gently removes makeup, dirt, and excess oil while improving skin’s firmness and elasticity to keep skin looking younger longer. Cleansing Treatment uses smart technology to hydrate only where skin needs it, making it ideal for most skin types.

Time Defiance Conditioning Tonercompletes the cleansing process and balances skin’s pH. Gently exfoliates and protects skin’s firmness and elasticity while preparing skin to receive the maximum anti-aging benefits form the Time Defiance products that follow. Ideal for most skin types.

Time Defiance Day Protect Moisturizers SPF 15moisturizes and offers the most complete defense against UVA/UVB exposure and free radical damage, which leads to 90% of premature aging. Helps protect skin’s collagen and elastin with SPF 15 and patent-pending Defense 4 technology. Available in crème and lotion to meet your skin care needs.

Time Defiance Night Recovery Moisturizerswith exclusive Derma Cell Exchange help increase skin’s collagen and elastin for dramatically younger-looking skin while boosting skin’s hydration by 181%. Night Recovery improves the appearance of the lines, wrinkles, skin smoothness, and luminosity, Available in crème and lotion.

Here you have a video about Time Defiance Skin Care System:


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