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Time Defiance Intensive Repair Serum

intensive repari serum

Reverse the signs of aging in 14 nights!

Intensive Repair Serum boosts skin’s natural ability to repair past damage and helps protect skin’s collagen.

Experience powerful results without the risk and irritation of a chemical peel. This revolutionary 14-night treatment offers some of the most advanced age-defying technology available today to reverse the visible signs of aging. Because it’s so effective, Intensive Repair Serum only needs to be used four times a year.

261% Improvement in Skin Clarity

As you age, skin begins to lose its clarity. Skin clarity is defined on a scale of appearance, with one end of the scale being dull, or matte-looking skin, and the other end of the scale being bright, or luminous skin. Intensive Repair Serum improves skin clarity by 261%.

99% Visible Reduction in Fine Lines

A fine line is defined as the beginning of a wrinkle. It is the point at which you begin to see a visible line on the skin. If you were to pull the skin taut around a fine line, the fine line would disappear. Fine lines also make skin appear rough in texture. Intensive Repair Serum improves the appearance of fine lines by 99%.

83% Improvement in Skin Smoothness

Skin smoothness is defined as the physical feel of the skin. Skin can feel anywhere from smooth to the touch to rough. Intensive Repair Serum improves skin smoothness by 83%.


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